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JAM (CMCC Children’s Program)

All children are invited to join ‘JAM’ which runs alongside the adult church meetings (almost) every Sunday afternoon.


Our JAM program encourages children to get to know God and the Bible in fun and exciting ways. We meet as a Big Group and enjoy singing to music videos, movie clips and other fun presentations to help the children think about the topic for the day.  On most school weeks children are divided into small groups by school grade to do age appropriate activities based on the Big Group topic.

Parents and guardians are welcome to drop their children off, then return to the adult service and come back for them at the end.

 Who is it for? 

Ages 3 to 12 years (Pre-K to Grade 6)


Sundays 4.50pm to 6pm


The Large meeting room on the ground floor of First Church Education Building



“Register Your Children For JAM”
“Sign Up as a Volunteer”

Child Protection  As a church, CMCC believes that children are a gift from God and that, as adults, we are entrusted to care for them. In recognizing these truths, CMCC has developed a comprehensive set of Child Protection policies and procedures covering the whole breadth of church community life.

To see our full Child Protection Policy please  Click here-> CMCC CP POLICY + Appendices, 2015 revised edition

To just see the ‘Keeping our Children Safe’ guidelines that we work by from week to week in JAM Click here ->CMCC Appendix 8 Keeping Our Children Safe Guidelines

Thailand Child Protection Act 2003 (Eng) Download  Thailand Child Protection Act 2003 (English)

Thailand Child Protection Act 2003 (Thai) Download Child Protection Act (Thai)

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