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3 Sep: Ruth (Pr. Mike Riley)
10 Sep: God’s Grand Story – Finding the Law (Pr. Simon Carey)
17 Sep: God’s Grand Story – In the Beginning (Pr. Simon Carey)
24 Sep: God’s Grand Story – Wanderings (Pr. Mike Riley)
1 Oct: God’s Grand Story – The Promised Land (Pr. Simon Carey)
8 Oct: God’s Grand Story – United Kingdom (Pr. Mike Riley)
15 Oct: God’s Grand Story – Divided Kingdom (Pr. Simon Carey)
22 Oct: God’s Grand Story – Captivity and Coming Kingdom (Pr. Mike Riley)

We are so excited by the opportunity we have to study God’s Grand Story together over the 6 week period starting September 10th. This is a 6 week study looking of the whole of the Old Testament and seeing in a broad brush stroke, God’s plan for humanity.
We will have the 6 week study guide available. The people who publish this have given us permission to copy the material, so the only cost will be the printing cost of 80 Baht each. (If this is too much for you let us know and you can take one for what you can afford.)

For small groups we have a DVD that is the guide for the 6 weeks. Each week there is a 10-minute video and then there will be time to discuss what you have been working on during the week.

If you are not in a small group but would like to join one for this 6-week period, please speak to someone at the small group table on Sunday.  Can you lead a group or host a group? if so please speak to Mary Ginter or Laurel at the small group table on Sunday.

We are so grateful to Larry Dinkins for his help in organizing this for us. He is going to be running two more Walk thru the Bible seminars on the 1st and 2nd of September. Friday the 1st will be at 6 pm and Saturday at  9 am.  They will be held in the church office building. These seminars are such a useful tool and a great spring board into our 6-week study. To make sure we use the right room please let Pastor Simon know what day you would like to come. (

Do you know any Thais who would  benefit from the Walk Thru the Bible seminar, If so Larry can do this in Thai as well.

We are so excited about this, not only because it will give us a chance to see God’s Grand Story but this is something we can so together as a community.

Would you join us in prayer asking God to not only speak to us through this study but also to bring us into deeper unity and warmer community because we have done this together.

Detailed information about youth group during the school year has been sent via email.  If you didn’t receive the email, please notify Hannah by emailing and she’ll send that info to you and make sure you’ll get future youth-related emails.Kick-off for school year:Wednesday September 6, 7:00-8:30pm
Meet in the youth room on the 4th floor of the CMCC center/Raintree building
(Youth group will be meeting on Wednesday nights throughout August)Middle School (grades 7-9) Discipleship kick-off:
Sunday, September 10
Students can go to the youth room when children are dismissed from the service for JAM.High School Discipleship survey: out by August 20!October Break Youth Retreat:
(tentatively) Wednesday October 25 – Friday, October 27.  More details to followHannah would be happy to answer any questions you have about the youth program at CMCC.


Our 2017 Fall Bible study sessions will be starting the first Wednesday of September (Sept. 6th).  We will be meeting (as usual) at the CMCC Center, on the 2nd floor (formerly called Raintree).

The schedule and books we will be studying are as follows:

Wednesday Morning 8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

This group will be studying Daniel – Kingdom of Dreams, by Matthias Media interactive Bible studies written by Andrew Reid and Karen Morris.

“The book of Daniel contains some of the Bible’s most vivid and unusual stories.  It’s an exciting read, but a disturbing one too. What are we to make of Daniel’s dreams and visions? And what does Daniel have to say to us in our age? Set during the exile of God’s people in Babylon, the book of Daniel gives us a dramatic account of how God provides his people with hope amidst adversity. It’s the story of God’s faithfulness to those he loves.”

9:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. – Everyone is welcome to join us for coffee and fellowship!

Wednesday Morning 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

The two study options are:

1.  Romans 1-7 for You by Tim Keller

“Join Dr Timothy Keller as he opens up the book of Romans, helping you to get to grips with its meaning and showing how it transforms our hearts and lives today. Combining a close attention to the detail of the text with Timothy Keller’s trademark gift for clear explanation and compelling insights, this resource will both engage your mind and stir your heart.

2. Praising God through Prayer and Worship by Kay Arthur

“With this inductive study of Psalms, readers discover and experience the psalmists’ beautiful, heartfelt expressions—in prayer, in confession, in grief, and in praise―of their love for and devotion to God. As readers learn to observe, interpret, and apply the text themselves, their personal prayer times grow more profound and worship experiences more fulfilling.”

Write to for more info.

Wednesday Evening 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

This group will be using a DVD and discussion-style study by Priscilla Shirer called, “He Speaks to Me: Preparing to hear from God”.  These studies focus on characteristics for listening to God found in 1 Samuel 3.

 “Are you longing to hear God’s voice, but feeling disconnected? God wants to speak directly to each of His beloved children, not to just a few “spiritual elite.” Priscilla Shirer looks at God’s call to Samuel and uncovers six characteristics essential for hearing from God.”

This group meets on the ground floor of the CMCC Center (formerly called Raintree).  Sandra Saowaporn is the contact person for this group and can be reached at for any questions.


As many of us are in transition, or are far away from our family and friends, isn’t community what we all need here? The small groups provide a wonderful place to connect to God and to each other. We have a desk next to the welcome table where you can get more information about our small groups. They come at various times, locations, activities, sizes, and shapes so there should always be one that fits you like a glove. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the groups:


Social Concerns Committee of the CMCC has the privilege of deciding how church monies will be distributed to those in our community with particular needs. Each month we review the needs that have been submitted and pray together about how to distribute the funds. The committee provides financial assistance for hospital expenses, difficult or emergency circumstances, scholarships for education, and love gifts to those in ministry.

If you know of anyone who needs support for an unexpected or problematic situation, please contact the Social Concerns committee at or see Jane Arnott, Social Concerns Chair.

Men’s Retreat

Theme: “Intermission: Living Authentically in the Presence of Jesus”

When: Friday September 29 – Sunday October 01, 2017,(4:00pm Friday – 1:00pm Sunday)

Where: newly renovated Suan Bua Hotel & Resort

Cost: B2,500 per person (with scholarships available)

Speaker: Michael Cary, CPSAS / Westfield (Indianapolis), Indiana, Founder of Living Truth Ministries /  (Michael spoke at the men’s retreat last year)

Contact: Mike Wood at


Theme: Let Your Light Shine!

Venue: Horizon Village Resort

Dates: 10 to 12 November

A weekend to be rejuvenated spiritually and physically alongside women from all over Chiang Mai and beyond. Stay tuned for for information.


Go to for more information about upcoming events.


Are you receiving the weekly announcements sent out by email? If you would like to be on the list, please write to Margaret at If you are on the list but do not receive it, please check your ‘promotion’ or ‘spam’ folders.


Do you have a burden for the people of Chiang Mai to come to the Lord Jesus Christ? Can you commit to some time of prayer? Weekly? Daily?

We come together for the sole purpose to seriously pray for the people of Chiang Mai to come to know the Lord and to experience His amazing grace and love.

Every Monday-Saturday, 12 noon to 1 p.m. at CMCC Center (2nd floor). You can come for any length of time or the whole hour as your time permits. Thai and English speakers (or any other language) are welcome. Email:


You are encouraged to come and pray each Sunday from 3.30-4.00 p.m. in the small chapel to the left of the main sanctuary (behind the Newcomers’ Table).