Welcome to Chiang Mai Community Church

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Online Service this Sunday 12 Dec 2021, 4.30 p.m.

Third Sunday of Advent

Worship led by the Crawfords & Woods

Message by Kyle Witmer: Bringer of Joy (Luke 2:1-21)

Sign up here if you wish to attend worship in person at Raintree (limit of 50 persons.)

From our leadership team

Welcome to Chiang Mai Community Church! Whether you’re just passing through or just moved to Chiang Mai, we’re delighted to have you here today as a part of this ‘international’ family! It won’t be long before you begin to realize that there is great diversity in this family, but also I hope you sense the underlying ties that unite us. Though our family is made up of people from many denominations, nations, cultures and languages, we regard the Word of God and our relationship with God and with one another, as the greatest sources of our identity.