CMCC Connections – 2 June 2021

A friend of mine shared this poem, which was written by Dan Erickson (from South Africa).

May God use it to encourage our hearts, we who are “bringers of hope, a royal priesthood in dusty overalls.”


We have labored for a year

under this blanket of ashes

and a crown of sorrow

hovers over the earth.


And some have succumbed

to fear and despair,

but we are not people of fear.

We do not blow away like ashes.


We are bringers of hope,

a royal priesthood in

dusty overalls, working to bring

the oil of joy instead of mourning.

To introduce the despairing

to Jesus, who we love.


We join our older brother Isaiah

in comforting all who mourn,

in providing for those who grieve,

and bestowing on them crowns

of beauty instead of ashes.


So for all of us, who 

long for the kingdom of God,

who reclaim territory usurped

by our enemy,


I bless you in Jesus name with purpose,

with the privilege of the commission,

with the joyful

weight of the gospel.


I bless you with courage

in Jesus name,

to fuel your spirits, for the defeat

of our fleshless enemies.


I bless you with imagination

in Jesus name,

to see the Kingdom vivid and thriving

in the dry places of the earth.


I bless you with love

in Jesus name.

May his command be a joyful

charge that will

heal and restore all who touch you.


Stay safe! Stay healthy! STAY CONNECTED!


Mary Ginter

on behalf of the Pastoral Care Team (