The Manger Project is a one-of-a-kind Christmas tradition that helps families focus on the true meaning of Christmas while building a wooden manger. This hands-on experience gives families a chance to teach kids about hard work, perseverance, and most importantly, why the manger (God coming to earth as a baby) is so important to our faith. It’s a fun way for families to go on a journey to the manger and together see the birth of Christ with fresh eyes.

This year we are inviting all people in all walks of life, not just for families!  We are also opening this event up to all of Chiang Mai and surrounding areas. 

The beauty of The Manger Project is that it can be done anytime and anywhere. We have a few different options for you – Join us in person at ISDSI (link to location) on Saturday, November 26th any time between 6pm and 8pm to assemble the manger and enjoy freshly popped popcorn and hot chocolate. Or pick-up your purchased kit at the event and assemble the manger at home as a part of your Advent celebration at a time that works for your family!

A twist: As a fun way to continue sharing the hope, joy, and generosity of Christmas with others, we have partnered with Faithful Heart Foundation. They will share with us some Thai/tribal families within the Chiangmai area who are in need.  We are calling these families our “Manger Families,” and you will be able to pick a family tag out from the manger tree on the night of The Manger Project event.   The tag will include information about the family: how many members, ages of kids, and will also list any needs at the bottom.   During the month while the manger is sitting in front of your tree, we encourage you to bless your Manger Family by filling the manger with items they may need, as well as any additional items your family may want to gift them. After Christmas, contact Faithful Heart Foundation; they will connect you with your manger family and come with you to drop off the filled manger.  You can take the opportunity to pray and share the gift of Jesus Christ with the family.

The Manger Project has an 800 baht registration fee (full-size manger kit) or 400 baht registration fee (small manger kit) to help cover the cost of the materials.

Here is what comes in your kit:

  • Manger materials (wood, nails and straw)
  • Assembly instructions

Bring your hammer, friends, neighbors, your spouse and kids, and let your heart be captured by the wonder of the lowly manger.


To make sure there is a manger kit available for you please

register using the link below by Sunday, November 20th.  

All manger kits must be payed for in advance or exact change at the event. 


We cannot wait to celebrate this special time of the year with you and your family!